Becoming a Committee Member

What does the Committee do?

The Committee has final responsibility for everything LFSA does. It meets every month and discusses a variety of issues. It plays a key role in supporting and directing the Association manager, who has day-to-day responsibility for running the Association.

The following are other examples of things the Committee may consider or be responsible for:


Draft and agree policies and ensure they are applied.


Receive reports on how well we are doing on, among other things, meeting the annual budget, collecting rents, carrying out repairs, tenant satisfaction etc.

Meeting our obligations

The Committee is responsible for ensuring that LFSA operates in accordance with our rules and within the law. It also ensures that all reports and returns are submitted to external agencies and the other Associations we work with as required.


Following appropriate legal action the Committee will make the final decision on whether a tenant should be evicted.


The Committee is the final point of appeal for any disputes or complaints that are not resolved by the complaints panel.


The Committee is responsible for appointing the Association Manager and for the terms and conditions of their Contract of Employment.

How do I become a Committee Member?

Our rules allow for a total of 15 Committee members. We very seldom have a full compliment so we are always keen to here from tenants and non tenants alike who may be interested in joining. We particularly encourage tenants to consider applying as they have a first hand knowledge of their own housing and community and opinions about how things can be improved. We also welcome applications from non residents who may have skills and expertise of value to the Committee such as in finance, IT, or law for example, as well as housing.

The Committee is elected each year at the AGM but members can be appointed to fill vacancies at any time. In order to become a Committee member, you also have to be a member of LFSA Ltd. This applies to tenants as well as non tenants. Please contact the office for an application form or you can download it here.

All applications for membership from tenants will automatically be agreed, provided you are not in breach of your tenancy agreement. Applications from non tenants will be considered by the Committee at their next meeting.

If you are considering becoming a member or Committee member but would like to discuss it further, or would like some more information, please call the office or email